Nutritional Oncology Research Institute
Breaking Through the Barriers Towards a Cure
Breaking Through the Barriers Towards a Cure

NORI is the Leader in the Research and Development of High Dose Selenium and Methionine Restriction

Scientific evidence supports the utilization of selenium as a powerful tool in both the prevention and management of most forms of cancer.  A methionine restricted diet is an excellent foundation for administering any cancer treatment.  These simple approaches combined together form an effective, nontoxic and low-cost alternative to conventional therapies.  NORI offers professional training to doctors wishing to enhance their ability to provide the best in alternative and integrative cancer therapy for their patients.  NORI can provide guidance to patients in navigating through the maze of alternative cancer treatment options.

What is Cancer?

Mainstream oncology would like us to believe that cancer is many different diseases and different treatments must be tailored for every different form.  Even each cancer patient will have a personally tailored treatment designed from genetic markers.  The truth is that cancer is a single disease characterized by common metabolic abnormalities.  Cancer treatments should be designed to target these metabolic abnormalities using selective and nontoxic compounds.  Cancer is one of many mitochondrial diseases.  It is likely that cancer begins in adult stem cells that have sustained mitochondrial damage.  All forms of cancer share common functional abnormalities that are easily targeted while not damaging normal healthy cells. 

Our immune system is programmed to attack only foreign or not self organisms. Since cancer develops from stem cells, our immune system will not attempt to destroy these abnormal cells.  Cancer develops and spreads independent of the immune system meaning that one can have the healthiest and strongest immune system and have advanced cancer.  Cancer is a metabolic disease characterized by damaged and dysfunctional mitochondria.  Mitochondria are the cell's primary energy factory.  Cancer cells generate their energy through fermentation of glucose and glutamine rather than through oxidative phosphorylation which takes place within the mitochondria.  This fundamental difference between normal and cancer cells is where research must be focused for the development of safe, effective and nontoxic therapies.

Cancer can develop from a single damaged stem cell and can show up as a detectable tumor 25-30 years later.  Mitochondrial damage can be caused by pharmaceutical drugs, medical radiation, exposure to toxic chemicals and certain viruses.  Once a tumor reaches a size of 1 centimeter, it is likely that that malignant cells have already spread to other organs.  Removing or radiating a tumor has little benefit.  Whole body systemic treatment will provide the best chances for survival if the treatment causes no harm to normal cells and the treatment itself does not have the potential to produce a secondary cancer.

The NORI Approach

NORI offers an approach to treatment very different from mainstream oncology.  There are two main components to the NORI protocol.  The first is dietary which has many scientifically supported concepts related to how food choices influences the tumor microenvironment.  Certain foods promote tumor growth while other foods inhibit growth through various mechanisms.  A specially designed diet that limits the intake of certain amino acids can starve cancer cells of these building blocks necessary for cell division. This is the core of the dietary protocol and the specific amino acid is methionine.  NORI has researched, developed and evaluated a methionine restricted diet as a standalone therapy for early stage cancers and as a platform from which to administer other treatments.  This revolutionary approach has demonstrated very promising results.

For late stage cancers, powerful but gentle methods are required to reduce the size of tumors quickly.  NORI has developed a nutraceutical cocktail that has demonstrated remarkable potency in treating many forms of cancer.  Selenium is at the core of this nontoxic cocktail that gently triggers cancer cells to initiate programmed cell death.  The specific form of selenium, sodium selenite has been shown in many scientific studies to be able to kill cancer cells while causing no harm to normal healthy cells.  This is an enormously important discovery because conventional chemotherapy kills many more normal healthy cells than cancer cells.  Two other components of the nutraceutical cocktail act synergistically allowing very low doses of sodium selenite and a very simple schedule of administration.

The combination of a methionine restricted diet and sodium selenite is a very simple, streamlined, natural and very low-cost approach to treating and managing cancer without compromising the health, wellbeing and quality of life of the patient.  NORI believes that this is one of the most effective, humane, scientifically supported and rational approaches for cancer treatment.  The protocol is a work in progress and will improve with further clinical case studies and research.  For now, it is an excellent option for those who wish to avoid the toxicity and risks of conventional oncology.

The NORI approach is purely nutritional leveraging diet as much as possible.  Very few supplements are incorporated while consuming fresh organically grown fruits and vegetables is at the core of the program.  An optimal diet can inhibit angiogenesis, lower inflammation, lower IGF-1 and insulin, lower hormone levels and push the body towards an alkaline pH.  Going one step further in limiting the intake of high methionine containing foods, is unique to the NORI nutritional program.  There are other nutritional programs designed to starve cancer cells of energy but these have limited value and are very difficult to implement.  An example is the ketogenic diet.  Methionine restriction is a much simpler and effective approach as the cancer cell can not easily adapt to a low methionine availability.  Cancer cells utilize glucose, fatty acids and glutamine for energy and to effectively starve a cancer cell, all three sources must be cut off simultaneously. There are practical limitations to this approach.

The NORI Program

NORI has trained many naturopathic physicians on the protocol and is continuing to promote this revolutionary approach to integrative MDs and oncologists.  Please contact NORI to discuss various options on implementing the program either at home or at a healing center that practices natural and holistic medicine.

Healthcare professionals who are interested in learning more about the protocol and have an interest in our training program are encouraged to contact NORI for further details. Professional training can be offered on a group or individual basis.  The entire scientific basis for the protocol is presented along with every detail necessary to implement a successful naturopathic oncology program.

Disclaimer:  The information presented on this website is for educational purposes only. NORI makes no specific claims to be able diagnose, treat or cure any disease.  The nutraceutical products mentioned have not been evaluated by the FDA and should never be administered without guidance from a qualified healthcare provider.  

Important Update!  This website is currently being upgraded and will contain a physician referral search engine for doctors that have been trained on the high dose selenium / K3 / methionine restriction protocol.   For now, please call 805-405-2031 or email to for a referral to a physician in your area.  

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